Interview Mr. Indiana – Ben Barkes

Interview with Ben Barkes – Mr. Indiana 2013

Tom: So Ben why did you start this gym in the first place?

Ben: I have been in the fitness and body building industry for over 18 years.  When I was employed by other large corporate gyms in the city I never felt like I was in the right place.  Everything was generic.  Generic work out plans, generic equipment, generic staff.  Then topping it off with boring music and ugly walls.  When I started Barkes Fitness I knew I did not want to be like any other gym, so I focused on the experience.  The Barkes Experience.

Tom:  So what is this “Barkes Experience” you are talking about?

Ben: Most gyms you walk in and get a mild hello from the front desk before you head back to equipment that is “one size fits all”.  Believe it or not Tom, people are shaped differently and sometimes one piece of equipment may be better than another.  During your work out as you wait for others to quit using your machine you get to hear those “upbeat” tunes like oldies or techno that will make you feel like you are at a rave.  Finally after you are done you get to hang out in a sweaty locker room or your car as you gulp down the protein shake that was “recommended” to you by the guy with half your muscle mass but double the waist line at a nutrition shop.  I was done with this crap.  The Barkes Experience flips the gym status quo on it’s head in Indianapolis.  Greetings from everyone when you walk in.  Unique gym equipment you cannot find anywhere else in the city designed for maximum results.  Music that gets you pumped.  A supportive enviroment where everyone pushes each other.  Children’s play area when you need to bring the little one.  Cool down room with cooking equipment to make your own post training snack, complete with; couches, flat screen, massage/stretching table.  Oh and by the way…need expert advice?  Ask me anytime for pro tips on supplements or nutrition, you won’t get the generic answer from an employee training guide.  You will get the answer that best fits you.

Tom: Wow Ben.  You have quite a setup here.  Do you offer one on one personal training in Indianapolis?

Ben: Thanks Tom.  My wife Amanda and I are proud of our space and I think you will agree it shows.  We do offer one on one personal training sessions for those looking to get to the next level quicker.  Both my wife and I train clients who are looking to achieve goals like; post partum weight loss, weight loss, and body building.  If you are very serious and looking to get the shredded Summer look we can help with that to.  😉

Tom: Well Ben I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me today.  One last question.  What is next for The Barkes Experience.  

Ben: Since moving our Barkes Fitness location to 9135 Pendleton Pike in Lawrence we have been focused on getting our name out in the area.  At this point all I can say is the sky is the limit.  We have a core group of committed athletes who train here regularly and we are always looking for a new challenge.


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