Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer

As the new year is underway, people are stressing out about finding that one program that will FINALLY solve their workout problems.  Whether their problems include losing weight, putting muscle on, or trying a new cardio program.  There are so many different workout programs out there, that many people will try them all and still not see the results they’re looking for.  They’ll spend $200-$300 a month on Cross-Fit and Shred Classes, only to lose interest and not see the results they were looking for.  So now you’re stuck trying to figure out, “what’s next?”

So instead of wasting time and money trying to figure everything out on your own, why not speak to a true professional who creates custom workout plans for a living, has spent years studying body composition and diets, can give you their undivided attention to your workout goals, and has the ability and credentials to work with you on a 1-on-1 basis.  That’s where a personal trainer comes into play.  Having a personal trainer in your corner to hold you accountable speaks volumes, and can give you the results you’re looking for…if you work for it!  Here are a few highlighted benefits that you can experience when working with a personal trainer.

Custom Workouts

Having a personal trainer to create a custom workout to fit your wants and needs is a huge benefit.  Personal Trainers take the time to assess where you’re at physically and mentally before creating the workout that best suits your current and future goals.  Custom workouts are catered to you, and a personal trainer will adapt and make changes to said workout plan if need be.  They are here for you, and want to make sure the program they’ve created yields the best results for you.


Whether it’s through music or inspirational quotes, people find a variety of ways to get motivated.  Personal Trainers hold a PhD in getting the most out of you, and keeping you motivated throughout the entire workout.  Not only that but they’ll motivate you outside the gym as well.  The work never stops, so having someone in your corner who gets you excited to workout and eat well is a huge factor towards staying positive and hungry throughout your workout experience.

Proper Technique

Working out isn’t fun if you don’t know what you’re doing.  And when you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s easy to become discouraged and uninterested all together.  Personal Trainers want to see you succeed, while not getting hurt.  They take the time to show you proper technique, to prevent injuries and get you comfortable with each piece of equipment.  Many personal trainers, like those at Barkes Fitness, will conduct entire sessions to showcasing proper technique during workouts.  Their goal is to make it so you fear no exercise or piece of equipment that they know will give you the best results.

Life Support

We can all use some help and support sometimes.  Not only on the physical level, but mental and emotional as well.  When you hire a personal trainer, you’re getting more then just a person who is there for you only in the gym.  At Barkes Fitness, for example, you become family.  Their personal trainers are here to help improve every aspect of your life.  Whether you’re angry and simply want to workout with no talking, or something happened in your life that you need some loving on.  A personal trainer is there to be that confidant, and try their best ensure your life is balanced.


Because at the end of the day, that’s what we’re all looking for correct!?  Being able to see you hit your goals, and feeling great is what personal trainers live for!  It’s the whole reason why they do what they do.  Not hitting plateaus, increasing your strength, and simply feeling better about yourself are all aspects of what a personal trainer provides.  A trainer works with you in the beginning to make realistic goals for you to accomplish.  So being able to see the fruits of your labor are huge.  Not only that but making sure he/she sets you up to continue seeing results is just as important.




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