Barkes Fitness – Favorite Workout Gear

The great Deion Sanders is famous for saying, “You look good, you feel good…you feel good, you play good!”  The trainers at Barkes Fitness have over 20 (+) years experience in the physical fitness industry, and they have their own pieces of workout gear that they endorse and use often.  So here are a few of their favorite items that they like to use when they’re the ones doing the workout.

Otomix Weightlifting Shoe

Owners Ben and Amanda Barkes love the functionality of the Otomix Shoe.  Categorized as a weightlifting shoe, it can be worn for other activities including wrestling, boxing, and other mat based sports.  For Ben and Amanda, they love the support and flexibility Otomix provides.  It’s an ultra light shoe that provides superior support with unlimited range of motion.  Otomix has been making shoes since 1988, being the go to brand for the weightlifting and bodybuilding community.  You can check out the different styles they provide here.

Rogue Weight Belt

A solid durable weight belt is essential to any workout plan that involves heavy lifting.  Rogue has been cranking out weight belts and other workout gear for almost 10 years, and has made quite the impact.  The Rogue weight belt provides our trainers the support they need, with varying thickness levels available.  Our gym prefers the all genuine leather belt that Rogue provides, as apposed to the velcro/cloth option.


Gasp Wrist Wraps

Speaking of support, Gasp Wrist Wraps do just that and then some.  These wraps are necessary to protect your wrists from that unnatural bend when lifting.  Even if you’re not lifting heavy weight, it never hurts having that extra support while doing any type of workout.

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