What is a fitness lifestyle?

Let’s be honest…if being fit, healthy, and in shape was easy everyone would do it! Just like anything good in life however achieving these goals requires a commitment. At Barkes Fitness Ben and his team will work with you one on one in their private studio in Downtown Indianapolis to help you achieve your specific goals. Ben and his team recognize that every client is different and every client has a different goal. Some clients have come to Barkes Fitness hoping to lose weight while others work with Ben and his team to increase muscle mass and strength. Barkes Fitness is not your standard gym and Ben is not your standard trainer. Ben’s private studio and one on one attention means you will not have your time interrupted while waiting on a machine or while your trainer checks a text message from a buddy.

Customized Nutritional Supplements

Barkes Fitness is a proud supporters of IDLife, a true individually designed supplement regime. The FREE online assessment takes less than 5 minutes of your day and provides you with a report of all your nutritional needs, a description of the dosages required, and an explanation of why your body is in need of the vital supplements. Print the free report and comparision shop before you commit. Start you new life today

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