Fitness Transformations

Ben and his team at Barkes fitness take your goals as seriously as you do. The private gym environment allows you to stay focused and avoid the standard distractions of a big box gym. Another major benefit of a private gym is not needing to pause your workout while someone finishes with the piece of equipment you want!
Barkes Fitness is unlike any gym you may have been to in the past. Ben & team will build a program that fits you specifically, no more templates from a trainer who considers you a “number”.
“5 stars! That’s all there is to say! You cannot get a better team than Ben and Amanda. The passion they have for the business, the family, the friends and their clients. These two are not just husband and wife but partners that back each other in and out of the gym. I highly recommend that you check in to Barkes Fitness and begin a successful journey with these awesome people!”

– Amber Jones
“Very professional, detailed and will go above and beyond to get me to my goal. Works around the clock for their clients. Barkes Fitness answers any and every question I may have no matter the time nor day. If you invest your will to change in them, they will get you where you want to be physically and mentally.”

– Rodney J Suggs
“I’ve been training with Amanda Barkes since May of last year. The progress has been more than I dreamed of… my life has changed in so many ways. I’m a 58 year old woman and am doing things I never thought I could do! She’s patient and encouraging, but definitely NOT easy! Many thanks to Amanda and Ben!”

– Pat Revell
“Barkes Fitness Cut above the rest! Only been with them a short time and I am extremely happy with my results! They are very hands on, and concerned about your fitness needs and goals. Also extremely knowledgeable about fitness, diet, supplements, overall a one-stop shop for your fitness needs! Look forward to a long lasting relationship with Barkes Fitness!”

– Wayn

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