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Is your routine getting old?

Are you starting to plateau? Does your trainer give you the effort and attention you deserve? Are you intimidated when you think about adding weight training to your regimen?

In the world of fitness and nutrition there is more information than one knows what to do with. At Barkes Fitness we understand that it can be tough to find out what works for you. Let us reinvigorate your workout and get you on the right track to achieve the results that you’ve always wanted.

Led by Owner and Fitness Expert Ben Barkes, Barkes Fitness has crafted a team of experienced and motivated certified personal trainers that are knowledgeable and amped to get you on track to optimal fitness and achieve the results you once thought were out of reach. We hand select our trainers to ensure that each one of our clients have a wide range of opportunity in training from bodybuilding, general health and lifestyle changes, and aerial yoga.

Take a few minutes to Meet Our Trainers and see our phenomenal transformations!

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Meet the Trainers


Meet Ben Barkes, CEO and master trainer nutrition specialist at Barkes Fitness. Ben is a Mr. Indiana winner and nationally ranked bodybuilder. Ben is certified in ACE, ISSA, NASM, and stretch.

Ben is also a devoted husband, father, and above all, son of Christ.


Meet Amanda Barkes, co-owner, trainer, and lead membership specialist at Barkes Fitness. Amanda has over 20 years of sports background with an emphasis in suspension training.

Amanda also is a key player in meal prep with her ability to bring even the dullest meals to life.


Christina Baucco, CPT, has been working in the fitness community for over five years. She discovered yoga in college and was drawn to the physical benefits and release provided by the practice. Christina is a certified trainer, experienced in both Hatha and Vinyasa practice, she is currently working to develop her aerial yoga practice. Married, working full time she hopes to complete her doctorate in physical therapy in addition to her Bachelor’s in Journalism/PR.

Our Story

My name is Ben Barkes, CEO of Barkes fitness. My wife, Amanda and I own and operate Barkes with the help of our three amazing children, Eli (8), Emma (2), and Ella (1).

We started Barkes Fitness in Indianapolis, IN December of 2010 in our garage at the apartment we were renting. I had been working for another gym when they downsized and I was on the chopping block. I started working for a place doing business-to-business sales when I met my first mentor, “Doc”.

Doc set me up with my first client. I’ll never forget going to Amanda’s work and explaining I had good news and bad news. Bad news was I had quit my job. The good news was I started a personal training business! 

This couldn’t have been at a better time for us. A few days prior Amanda and I had discussed whose parents home we were going to move to. We weren’t making it with our current jobs. I cleared out the garage and Doc loaned us some equipment to get started.

Amanda continued to lease apartments as I worked on growing the business. We picked up a client here and there but after about 4 months I decided it was time for a location. We decided to locate the business downtown on New York St.

Within the first year I broke my leg and we were close to losing the business. Amanda worked full time and trained my clients while I was recovering from surgery. We decided to exercise our 1 year out clause, move to a bigger facility, and introduce classes.

The current location was 600 sq. ft. and the new location was over 3,200. We painted everything, laid flooring, and built out showers. Balancing all the build out while training clients provided to be taxing. The business slowly grew but we still struggled to make rent and pay all our bills.

Two years passed and we decided we needed to revamp our strategy. I met Rocky Tilson who became my next mentor. He quickly pointed out several areas to improve upon and things started to get a little better, but we were still struggling. By the start of the 3rd year I new there had to be a change or we weren’t going to make it.

Rocky called a family member that owns the building we are in now. The exact space was open that Rocky had in mind. That night, Amanda headed to the gym to train and ran into a mutual friend, Bert. Bert said it was on him to tell us that we should open a gym with memberships and he wanted to help invest in equipment. 

This all took place on a Wednesday. That Friday Amanda and I signed the lease to our current location. We opened November 15, 2014 at Pendleton Pike. The next 12 months have been nothing short of blessing after blessing. From donations to people now experiencing God through weight training, it has been a remarkable experience and we’re still in awe at what God has done here at Barkes.