Post Pregnancy Personal Training

Bringing a new baby into the world is a joyous event that parents remember every second of.  While this is a life changing experience, it is also a body changing experience. New Moms find themselves looking in the mirror at a body that is different than 9 months prior.

Recently, Amanda Barkes (co-owner of Barkes Fitness) had the opportunity to work with Jessica.  Jessica is a new client and began training with Amanda at 6 weeks post-partum after a c-section.

The first session was similar to most first time sessions with new clients.  Amanda took Jessica on a tour of Barkes Fitness that of course included the complimentary children’s playroom as well as a cool down area complete with tools to make a quick healthy meal and put your feet up.

After the tour the training began!  Since this was the first time Jessica has been to private personal training, Amanda knew she needed to gauge her current strengths and weaknesses.  Amanda worked with Jessica through several different exercises that helped to determine core strength, arm strength, leg strength, and overall stamina.  This 1 hour one on one personal training session ended with a protein shake and a game plan of the target areas the two would focus on moving forward.

The next day Jessica was sore, but the good kind.  The kind of sore that lets you know you have accomplished something and you are making progress.  The kind of sore that makes you feel stronger and ready for the next challenge.

If you are pregnant or are planning to become pregnant, or know someone who is pregnant let them know to call Barkes Fitness.  Amanda will work one on one with them in the private gym located in Lawrence Indiana just east of Downtown Indianapolis.

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