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24 Hour Indianapolis Private Gym

Barkes Fitness is a multifunctional private gym in Indianapolis, fully stocked with a variety of top-of-the-line workout equipment, classrooms, and personal training services. Barkes Fitness prides itself on maintaining a clean and interactive 24-hour facility in Indianapolis that fosters renovations in personal growth, wellness, and lifestyle.

Barkes Fitness offers clients a cluster of fitness and personal training options. From gym memberships to customized training programs to nutritional counseling, Ben Barkes and the Barkes Fitness team strives to ensure that clients exceed their personal fitness goals and leave happier than when they entered the gym.

Our Indianapolis private gym allows members to fully engage in their custom-designed fitness regimen while enjoying the exclusivity of having continuous 24-hour access to our wide array of traditional and efficient workout equipment.

The Barkes Fitness workout equipment inventory includes:

Bumper plates
Rogue boxes
Deadlift platforms
Iron plates
Strongman Log press
Reverse hyperextension
Climbing rope
Battle ropes
Tire flips
Sled drags
Aerial yoga hammocks
Outdoor training area

All in addition to traditional gym equipment
The Barkes experience provides Indianapolis gym members with the options of a big box gym while offering them the comfort of a private, convenient, and welcoming environment molded specifically to accommodate their physical training needs. Barkes Fitness is one of the very few private gyms available in the Indianapolis area with skilled and experienced professional trainers, traditional workout equipment, as well as a judgement-free atmosphere where is everyone is cared for and equally respected.

The Barkes experience is currently available to all those who are interested and comes with a free consultation to ensure that you are placed on the most fitting path to your fitness success. Due to the fact that we are a private gym, Barkes Fitness is only accepting membership applications for up to 200 individuals, so put those legs to work and bolt to our Indianapolis facility to sign up for the Barkes experience!

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