The Barkes Experience

“The Barkes Fitness Experience to me is the family. The gym isn’t just a gym, it’s a therapist office, a church, or the torture chamber for the day. Depending on what you need that day. I have found that this gym has turned into my second home and I try to find any way to spend more time there. I have gotten amazing help from the “team” at Barkes Fitness, because though Ben is my coach you get Amanda along with it. I have had the best experience with these great people and they have given me the opportunity to meet new people and given me the tools to reach my dream. These two at Barkes fitness are the greatest motivators and have made me push through some of the hardest situations in my life.

So overall, I would say my Barkes Fitness Experience is gaining a second family that supports and challenge me in every aspect of my life. And I wouldn’t change this experience for the world.”

-Kenzie Nickell


“Ben and Amanda Barkes have created an environment in (what I have decided to call ) their Health Facility that is unlike anything I have ever seen.  I have belonged to one of the most widely recognized gyms in the world, Gold’s, and several other member only gyms and 1 on 1 facilities where I was nothing but a number. Where I knew to them the most important thing was my monthly payment.

When you walk in the door you immediately know this place is different.  From the layout of the equipment to the variety and the display of objects and images. Ben and Amanda truly care about each of their clients and it is VERY OBVIOUS.

I guess you can say I am all in here.

Ben trains me and does my diet for me to help me reach my goals.  He and Amanda both are involved in this.  I know that if I run into an obstacle with my meals I can reach out to either of them via text tell them the problem such as forgotten meals and this is what is available what can I eat, from a headache to pulled muscle they are there to help because they genuinely care.  That level of service you rarely find anywhere. The diversity of their clients is amazing.  World record holding athletes to seniors looking to maintain their mobility in their golden years all train in the same areas and love it.  The camaraderie between all of these people is evident. Truly a judgement-free zone. Judging others, it does not exist within these walls.  You will never see or hear the discussion of another persons weak area in a manner that is negative.  What you will see is everyone helping everyone else.  Encouraging each other to get those last reps. Congratulating someone over the weight they lost or reaching another level/goal.

To sum it up the “Barkes Experience” is one of positivity, encouragement and genuine love for the physical and mental well being of each person that walks through the door.”

– David Sisk


If you would have asked me a year ago what the Barkes Fitness Experience is I would have said I just thought I was signing up to get a personal trainer who would help me toned. But a few months later I realized I had more than a trainer but a friend. And a year after I can say without doubt that I have another family. When life gets tough you turn to your family for help. I found that I am so fortunate to have not only my blood family but gym family as well; and could not be happier that these two have become intertwined! I have a daily reminder that someone is looking out for me and is there to help me become the best version of me… both inside and out.

Barkes Fitness is a place that I am comfortable kicking off my shoes and relaxing or lacing them up and pushing through a tough workout. It is truly more than a gym but has become a place of comfort, enjoyment, and community. That’s what the Barkes Fitness Experience has truly been to me.

– Mallory Studebaker

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